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Unfortunately I am one of those people that has to say I was "born into this." I do however refuse to say that I got into interior design because I liked to move my room around as a child. My father was a builder, so I basically grew up on a building site, and my mother was a photographer.

One of my earliest memories is peering through old photography slides that my mother kept in a box. Not only was it the first time I saw naked breasts, but I think studying those shots trained my eye into appreciating and understanding balance and composition. Mix that with the bricks and mortar my dad brought to the table and I didn’t really have much of a choice.

I have been working as an Interior Designer for close on ten years, both in London and abroad, with a primary focus on high end residential design. My passion has always been creating liveable spaces with a focus on texture and a play between strong aesthetics and practical living. My style is a cross-pollination of contemporary and traditional. The homes I create are well rounded and full of depth. 

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